The trend of designing architectural and interior works is increasingly popular with many families. Also, neoclassical kitchen models are well known and widely applied. Especially in 2022, the trend of building neoclassical kitchens will be crowned when combining the elegance and class of the classic with the youthfulness of modernity. Thanks to that, the neoclassical kitchen is more unique, luxurious, beautiful, and extremely fancy.

Features of the neoclassical kitchen

Neoclassical kitchens have both classic and modern features, creating the distinctive features of this style that are completely different from other styles. Also, thanks to this specialty have created aesthetics for kitchen models. Here are some typical features of the neoclassical style that you can check out.


The neoclassical style needs to show luxury, class, and sophistication. Therefore, neoclassical kitchen works will use several materials such as natural wood, granite, and leather,…

neoclassical kitchen

Usually, kitchen cabinets and dining tables are made of natural wood, while the kitchen countertop is made of stone to withstand high pressure and high durability. The leather material is used as decoration to increase the aesthetics and class of the kitchen.


This is an important element in all styles, neoclassical kitchens often use neutral colors: white, cream, gray, yellow, or natural wood brown. You can add subtle accents were gold, metallic, or navy blue, which gives it a luxurious, sophisticated feel.

neoclassical kitchen

With light colors, a light kitchen will become luxurious. With neoclassical kitchen spaces, bright colors will highlight the decorations.


Although neoclassical kitchen works do not need to be sophisticated or complicated, they must meet the following characteristics: soft and flexible lines. The furniture used in this project also needs to pay attention to these points. Especially in the corners of cabinets, chair legs, table legs, door handles, and columns,…

Tips for designing a neoclassical kitchen

Durable material

Neoclassical kitchens often use many different materials, but for the construction to have a long time of use, sturdy and durable materials will be preferred.

  • For kitchen cabinets, you can use natural wood materials. Some types of wood are commonly used in neoclassical kitchen works such as walnut wood, peach wood, incense wood, and red oak wood,…
  • If you want to save money but still keep the details of the neoclassical style, you can choose Industry wood MDF
  • For the surface of the table, the kitchen surface, you can use granite material to increase the aesthetics and elegance of the kitchen space. And above all, the stone material is extremely durable.


Usually, neoclassical kitchen works will use light colors: cream, white, sand, turquoise,… to easily combine with kitchen furniture. If you want your kitchen to stand out more, you can use contrasting colors to create accents.

The light

neoclassical kitchen

Light is an element that every style will need because it is very important in creating beauty for each style. In the neoclassical style, you should use a drop ceiling lamp, the lamp has a yellow-white light and the light adjustment should not be too bright. Thus, the beauty of the neoclassical is shown as more sparkling.


Neoclassical will need the appearance of simple details and patterns but still show subtlety, gently bringing an elegant but no less luxurious space.

Unified design style

neoclassical kitchen

The unity of design style is extremely necessary, not only in the kitchen but also in the other spaces in the house with the same design style. The uniformity from outside to inside, from top to bottom will create harmony and high aesthetics.

Maintenance and cleaning

The kitchen with a neoclassical style has details that are considered much simpler than the classical style. However, compared to other styles, neoclassical motifs are much more complex. Therefore, the cleaning is also more complicated, you should pay more attention to the preservation and cleaning of neoclassical furniture.

Luxurious and classy neoclassical kitchen models are suitable for many housing projects

Neoclassical pattern combined with tradition

neoclassical kitchen

If you are a lover of simple and light things, you cannot ignore the kitchen designs with bold classic “Vietnamese” lines. The combination of neoclassical and classic will bring a unique and cozy space to the kitchen.

Neoclassical kitchen model made from natural wood

neoclassical kitchen

The I-shaped kitchen cabinet is designed differently with rustic, simple wood. The surface of the cabinet is not too picky, the textures and patterns are square and strong, but still, show the characteristics of neoclassical.

Design of roller blinds for a neoclassical kitchen

The cabinets in your kitchen, instead of using doors with wings, closed, as usual, these cabinets will be designed with roller blinds like the old cabinets of our country. In addition, if you combine more furniture such as ceiling chandeliers, tea sets, and white lotus vases, it will make the kitchen space bold and ancient.

Neoclassical kitchen model with wooden U-shaped cabinets

neoclassical kitchen

A large kitchen is often designed with a U-shaped kitchen cabinet. With natural wood materials and gilded door handles, it highlights the characteristics of the neoclassical style.

Kitchen cabinets with contrasting colors in the neoclassical kitchen

neoclassical kitchen

The cabinet in the kitchen painted with two contrasting colors (red-black) will be the highlight to highlight your kitchen. You should design cabinets with so many compartments that can help homeowners have more space to store things for their families.

Kitchen with white tones

neoclassical kitchen

In neoclassical kitchen works, you can come across white, because this is a characteristic color, which can be easily combined with other furniture. You can use white for storage shelves, kitchen cabinets, kitchen tiles, floor tiles, etc., so it will show elegance and harmony with the space.

Neoclassical kitchen design with windows

The arched window has a bold neoclassical style, above the kitchen cabinet, there is a main arched window that is both a highlight and helps the interior space to be airy and bright.

Neoclassical kitchen with metal kitchen island

When the light from the chandelier combines with metal furniture such as a kitchen island, it will bring a high-class visual effect to the kitchen. Metal is a characteristic material of the neoclassical style. As such, a metal kitchen island will highlight your kitchen.

neoclassical kitchen

If you use an oval-shaped kitchen island, the island legs have slightly yellowed copper-plated metal that will help the space become luxurious, sophisticated, and extremely classy.

Kitchen with kitchen cabinets and kitchen island

In the kitchen, there is an island in the middle kitchen to help homeowners make good use of the space. With the island, the owner can use it as a dining table, a place to relax and chat with the family.

neoclassical kitchen

The island table can be made from natural wood, and marble,… with light colors that will create a luxurious beauty for the kitchen.

Kitchen with sophisticated patterned kitchen cabinets

With natural wood material carved with sophisticated patterns, the kitchen cabinets stand out in the kitchen space.

Neoclassical kitchen with island combined with mini bar

neoclassical kitchen

The kitchen cabinet is divided into many storage compartments with gold-plated handles, giving a classic luxurious feel. But when combined with the mini bar in the kitchen space, it brings a modern feeling.

Recently, Hac San has introduced to you the luxurious and classy neoclassical kitchen models for your reference. In addition, we list for you some notes when using the neoclassical style for kitchen space.

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