The neoclassical house designs from the past to the present have shown luxury, luxury, and regal. This style is not only reflected in the outside architecture but also inside the house like in the living room. However, for the living room to have the right neoclassical space is not easy.

In today’s article, Hac San will introduce to you the Top 20+ Neoclassical living room models, you can refer to and get more ideas for your home.

Notes when designing neoclassical living rooms for houses

The neoclassical style can conquer every homeowner from its luxurious and aristocratic beauty to the comforts of modern interiors. And this is also the most popular style in housing construction today.

Nowadays, this style has also changed quite a lot but still shows the characteristics of the old classical style. However, if you want to use this style for your home, you need to master the following notes:

Main color

Homeowners will often choose colors that show high aesthetics and elegance. Therefore, bright colors, bearing colors of power and aristocracy are often used. Specifically: yellow, red, moss green, black,…

neoclassical living room

However, the above colors require a large space to show their superiority. If you want your home to be modern but still equally luxurious and noble, you can use white, cream, or gray,…

In choosing the color for your house, you need to pay attention to the color harmony in the house, from the color of the walls, ceiling, floor, and other details. You can mix colors for the room according to the 6-3-1 rule in the order of main wall colors – complementary colors – accent colors.


The materials used in the building are also focused because it is also a part of creating a different neoclassical space for the living room. You can recognize the neoclassical style based on the materials used in the works. Usually, constructions will use high-grade materials such as natural wood, crystal, granite, leather, etc.

neoclassical living room

Note: when you have selected the materials and colors used for the project, make the most of natural light combined with chandelier light to bring a shimmering, luxurious space to the living room.


neoclassical living room

Neoclassical style means renewing the classic, the details will be omitted from the cumbersome and sophisticated, but bring the classic features such as balance, symmetry, or flexible lines. The ceiling is still intact. Not only that but the carved lines are also shown in the positions of the arches and furniture in the room. All the textures and patterns in the room will be blended and create an attractive neoclassical living room space.

HacSan – Prestigious neoclassical design unit for living room

To design a neoclassical style for the building, it is required to follow the principles to get a true neoclassical space. Therefore, if you have the desire to design your living room in this style, please ask for the help of experts in the field of prestigious architectural and interior design, who have many years of experience and knowledge. industry reputation.

Choosing the right design unit will help you a lot in optimizing cost and time. You only have to voice your ideas, the rest will be taken care of by the architectural and interior designers. They will ensure that your project will have the space you want, along with a fully functional and scientifically arranged work.

HacSan – a professional design and construction unit of architectural and interior works with more than 6 years of industry experience along with a team of highly skilled staff. We always meet the requirements that you set forth and bring the most ideal living space for you.

Top 20+ models of the living room in neoclassical style for you

Currently, the neoclassical style applied in the living room of each house has been changed a lot to suit the times. Therefore, in this section, Hac San has listed for you more than 20+ neoclassical living room models for your reference.

Neoclassical living room apartment

Currently, apartments are considered the most popular type and bring a large number of customers to Hac San. However, the area of ​​apartments is limited compared to townhouses and villas. Therefore, when designing apartment interiors, always requires sophistication and a reasonable interior layout so that the viewer can feel the soul of the neoclassical style in the living room.

Beautiful, luxurious neoclassical living room model with natural wood material

With luxurious and classy natural wood material, it brings to the living room space thanks to the durability of wood over time. You can use wood material to cover the walls of the living room, to the interior. Thus, the living room has both luxury and warmth for the building.

Using partitions for neoclassical living rooms

neoclassical living room

Today, the trend of open design in the house is most applied in apartments to bring more open space, creating ventilation for the living room and kitchen. However, this will bring some privacy problems. Therefore, people often solve this problem by using partitions to separate the living room and kitchen but still bring high aesthetics to the apartment space.

Simple neoclassical living room

neoclassical living room

You can choose a simple neoclassical living room design with the omission of cumbersome details. But still, make a strong impression by showing the texture lines on the wall. This neoclassical expression is very suitable for spaces with limited space such as apartments.

Elegant neoclassical living room, personality

neoclassical living room

If you want your apartment to have a comfortable and modern space but still have an elegant and luxurious look. You can use neoclassical style with high-quality materials, and beautiful curving patterns to show the noble elegance of the project. Moreover, homeowners can also express their personalities in the process of choosing colors and furniture for their apartments.

Beautiful neoclassical living room interior

neoclassical living room

“Beautiful” is a keyword that any homeowner looks forward to when they want to build a home for themselves. You can promote beauty by showing through the furniture, textures on the walls as well as the distribution of functional items in the house in a scientific way.

Interior of living room neoclassical mixed luxury

neoclassical living room

For apartments, the design of the neoclassical mixed luxury living room often uses hand-carved moldings on the walls and gilded borders, combined with luxurious marble wall tiles. The space will be more attractive when adding a crystal chandelier, the light will make everything in the room more beautiful and charming.

Neoclassical living room with high-class furniture

neoclassical living room

In neoclassical buildings, light tones are used as the main color, combined with luxurious and high-class furniture accented with gold-plated details, which is enough to enhance the beauty of the apartment.

Neoclassical living room in townhouse

Tube House

The tube house has the advantage of length, the narrow part, so the design needs to be simple and smartly arranged. To be able to bring a luxurious, noble but still airy space.

Neoclassical living room decoration cabinet

neoclassical living room

If you are looking for a piece of furniture that both serves the living and creates a focal point for the neoclassical style, the decorative cabinet is a great choice.

Luxury neoclassical living room

neoclassical living room

With a large area, architects do not need to focus too much on patterns, textures, or shapes on the wall, instead will use high-quality materials and pattern lines on furniture. the seventh. Thus creating a luxury and regal for the owner.

Villa neoclassical living room

Classy furniture for neoclassical living room

neoclassical living room

Most of the living rooms in the villa are designed in neoclassical style with bright and delicate white tones to bring elegance. From luxurious velvet sofas to artistic murals and gilded details. All the details are blended on the bright white wall, creating a perfect masterpiece.

Noble furniture for neoclassical living room

neoclassical living room

With the alternation of eye-catching colors, the walls are decorated with gray tones and patterned wallpaper. Along with the symmetrical arrangement of furniture, it creates balance and nobility in the living room.

Perfect neoclassical living room furniture

neoclassical living room

Usually, when homeowners choose delicate, bright white tones as the main color, they will use gold-plated materials as accents for the furniture. The room will become even more perfect when used with a warm golden chandelier.

Light furniture for neoclassical living room

neoclassical living room

The simple, delicate, and simple interior will highlight the luxurious beauty of the neoclassical living room.

Outstanding neoclassical living room interior

neoclassical living room

There are many ways to make a neoclassical guest house stand out using artful paintings, chandeliers, or any other eye-catching furniture.

Recently, Hac San introduced to you the most popular neoclassical living room models today. In this article, Hac San also gives notes on the design of a neoclassical living room. Hope to bring you the most useful information.

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