The bedroom is the place to help you feel refreshed and full of energy after a good night’s sleep. Therefore, sleep is essential, and investing and focusing on bedroom space is necessary. Besides bringing spiritual values, it also helps to show the owner’s aesthetic taste.

If you are a lover of the beauty and elegance of the classic but still want to focus on modern comfort, try the neoclassical bedroom designs.

Hac San will introduce 20+ beautiful and luxurious neoclassical bedroom designs that are trending in 2022. You should refer to them for ideas for your room.

20+ beautiful, luxurious and comfortable neoclassical bedroom designs for you

Notes when designing a neoclassical bedroom that you need to pay attention

Bed placement

The bed plays the role of the highlight as well as the soul of the bedroom and this is also the indispensable furniture of the bedroom. Many of you think that, with neoclassical style, you should choose large, massive beds, but this thinking is completely wrong. If you choose incorrectly, you will lose the beauty of the room.

phòng ngủ neoclassical

Usually, the size of the bedroom will depend on the size of the house and the location that the owner wants. Therefore, the bed must be of a size commensurate with the bedroom.

In feng shui, there are several bed positions you need to avoid such as: facing the window, facing the main door, facing the mirror, etc. Should you use the bed, you need to avoid these positions.

Choose the right color

A beautiful room needs many elements, but the color is the most important factor. Neoclassical is a style expressing luxury and nobility, so it is often used in bright, warm, and gentle colors. In addition, strong colors such as red, blue, and black are also used most often by homeowners with strong personalities. Therefore, Neoclassical is not picky about decorative colors, you just need to coordinate the colors to be harmonious and consistent with your home.

phòng ngủ neoclassical

Neoclassical style is not only applied in the master bedroom but is also reflected throughout the house, including small bedrooms or children’s bedrooms. So colors like pink, purple, and blue are used.

However, if you use dark and neutral colors for the neoclassical bedroom, you need to arrange more lighting devices or designs to make the most of natural light to help the room be airy and bright bringing warmth to the room.

Choose the right material and layout

Neoclassical is the intersection of classic and modern styles, so the interior will prioritize the use of high-quality materials to show the luxury and nobility of the owner. Therefore, the materials used for this style are usually: natural wood, silk fabric, genuine leather, etc. However, the lines of the furniture will be omitted the cumbersome and sophisticated details complex.

In particular, symmetry is the defining characteristic of classical style, so Neoclassicalism also needs to show this feature. The items in the neoclassical bedroom such as lamps, and bedside cabinets should also come in pairs, parallel and symmetrical with each other.

Proper lighting arrangement

To enhance the beauty of the bedroom, the neoclassical style not only uses natural light but also uses artificial light from night lights, chandeliers, ceiling lights, and tree lights. Therefore, when designing, you need to pay attention to the arrangement of doors, glass, and light in the room at important positions such as bedside, reading corner, and working,… so the beauty of the room sleep will be promoted.

Mirror placement

The mirror in the bedroom is not only used to reflect but is also used to decorate, and increase aesthetics, and is a feng shui item. Placing a mirror in the room will help catch the light well, the room has depth and brings a more spacious feeling to the room.

When placing a mirror, homeowners should place it parallel to the head of the bed or place it according to feng shui, should not be placed at will to avoid breaking mistakes in feng shui causing bad harm.

20+ beautiful, luxurious and comfortable neoclassical bedroom designs for you

Luxury neoclassical bedroom design

phòng ngủ neoclassical

Neoclassical style with timeless beauty is no longer strange to homeowners who love the beauty of elegance and charm. Neoclassical is not too extravagant, and splendid but shows the luxury and individuality of the owner. You can prioritize the selection of white, or light yellow, .. with the highlight being the crystal chandelier to increase the luxury.

Western-style neoclassical bedroom

Currently, bedrooms in neoclassical style are loved by many people. With this style, it will not be picky about objects and users, so you can feel secure when designing your bedroom.

phòng ngủ neoclassical

For the bold Western neoclassical, the interior is usually quite large, massive, and meticulously carved. Interior materials are also high-class: silk, wool, brocade,… and often impress with their massiveness and superficiality.

Bedroom design with dark color furniture

There is no color rule in neoclassical buildings. If you are a warm person who likes deep colors, do not hesitate to use them in your bedroom.

You can emphasize the brown color on the bedside button mattress or the color of the night light, or with any furniture you like, just add a little gilded detail and your room will be very different but still beautiful. Shows luxury.

Elegant and sophisticated bedroom

A neoclassical bedroom is considered elegant and sophisticated, it must not only be beautiful but also meet many factors such as scientific layout, harmonious proportions, and balance between details, …

phòng ngủ neoclassical

Symmetrical design details and gentle and elegant colors help highlight the interior items in the room. You can easily integrate many utilities inside the bedroom.

Small neoclassical bedroom design

phòng ngủ neoclassical

Neoclassical style is not only applied in large-area buildings but also modest-sized bedrooms. However, with a small room, there are also many disadvantages. Architects need to omit cumbersome details and keep only the neoclassical features: wall moldings, symmetry, and decorative lights,…

Impressive neoclassical bedroom model with wallpaper

phòng ngủ neoclassical

If you are wondering, do not know how to decorate the bedroom designed in neoclassical style. Don’t worry too much, you can try wall stickers with luxurious motifs, typical of neoclassical. This will make your bedroom stand out.

Design a neoclassical bedroom model with white – pastel blue tones

phòng ngủ neoclassical

Pastel colors are very popular in recent years. The color scheme is quite gentle, you have a combination of white and pastel blue as accents on the headboard, handles, and curtains that will make the room more attractive. White tones will make everything in the room shine.

Innovative neoclassical bedroom design with mirror

Large mirrors are placed in neoclassical buildings as both accents and decorations. The large mirror contributes to attracting the eye, can reflect light, create a visual trick, and make the room feel more spacious.

phòng ngủ neoclassical

Lighting is considered to be the factor that helps the room space to be maximized. Therefore, in neoclassical buildings, it is often combined with large glass doors to catch all the natural light.

Neoclassical bedroom design with many functions

In each housing project, there is a master bedroom, this is the main bedroom so it is very interesting. If the homeowner chooses a neoclassical style for this room, you need to consider how to coordinate so that the room integrates many functions but does not lack light.

Bedroom model with neutral colors in neoclassical

phòng ngủ neoclassical

Neutral colors are very popular in neoclassical bedroom designs. Neutral colors will bring a space that is both elegant and luxurious, this is considered a safe color, respecting the beauty of the colors and details inside the room.

French neoclassical bedroom model

phòng ngủ neoclassical

The French neoclassical bedroom often highlights the gentle and luxurious lines and motifs of the chair handles and the bed. As for the tables and chairs, the round design, and leather upholstery looks extremely luxurious and beautiful.

Neoclassical bedroom with luxurious design details

Neoclassical furniture when using splendid chandeliers and soft curving lines bring an attractive look to the room. This style will show the class of the owner.

Simple and elegant neoclassical bedroom design

phòng ngủ neoclassical

At present, the neoclassical style is not only present in large and monumental works. Small works can still use this style. If you do not want to decorate your bedroom too sophisticated, you can take advantage of the neoclassical style in a simple way. Sophisticated details such as molding lines, ceiling reliefs, and walls … are also refined. But for furniture such as beds, cabinets, and chairs, it is still necessary to keep sophisticated lines to show the characteristics of the Neoclassical style.

Luxury neoclassical bedroom design with high-class furniture

You do not need to focus too much on the lines in the ceiling, with this design just focus on the interior. All the furniture in the room is meticulously polished. Although there is no need for fancy details or gilding, with meticulous care, it still shows the spirit of neoclassicism.

Bedroom with impressive murals

Phòng ngủ neoclassical

For a neoclassical bedroom space where you want to show attraction, impression, or want to show your love for art, you can embellish it with brushstrokes. Or hang such artistic pictures that will bring novelty but still show the beautiful drawing of the room.

Trendy bedroom model

Neoclassical design for the bedroom with a beautiful view and ideal height, using large glass windows will help homeowners optimize the area as well as make use of natural light for the room.

neoclassical bedroom

If you want the room to become brighter and wider, you can arrange 2 more large mirrors placed in parallel to help reflect light.

Neoclassical bedroom design with impressive ceiling

neoclassical bedroom

In addition to the accents at the moldings, the ceiling area is also quite important in the neoclassical bedroom design. Nowadays, you can come across gypsum ceilings designed according to the requirements of the homeowner.

Elegant and gentle neoclassical bedroom design

neoclassical bedroom

A delicate, gentle bedroom model in neoclassical style is very suitable for the weak. The color harmony from the lights, walls, accents, and patterns will make the room delicate.

Neoclassical bedroom design for the elderly

neoclassical bedroom

This style is suitable for all audiences from small to large, but when used for older people, you should limit the use of outstanding color tones. You can replace it with deep, old-fashioned tones. One more note, the furniture you should not arrange much, should just stop at a moderate level.

Bedroom design trends 2022

Nowadays, people’s living standards are increasing day by day. The housing project not only needs to meet the function but it also has to meet the aesthetics and tastes of the owner. That’s why bedroom design services were born. In addition to the extremely hot styles on the market today, the neoclassical style is also chosen by many people for their homes.

neoclassical bedroom

Hac San has just introduced to you the bedroom designs in the neoclassical style that are both beautiful and luxurious. If you need advice, on interior design for your bedroom, please contact Hac San. We will bring you a smart, fast and effective solution.

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