The demand for accommodation and relaxation at tourist destinations is steadily increasing. To meet this demand, businesses need to update their homestay designs with the most beautiful and trending styles to enhance their spaces and attract customers.

The Most Popular Homestay Design Styles Today

Currently, unique and innovative homestay designs are favored over traditional styles. Here are some trending design styles that you can consider:

Bohemian: A Distinctive and Impressive Homestay Design Style

Bohemian style is currently much loved by young people for its openness in combining colors with furniture, and adhering to loose rules to create a harmonious overall look without causing discomfort to the observer.

homestay design styles

The Bohemian homestay design style is characterized by the distinctive use of contrasting, vibrant colors and eye-catching patterns. Hence, it stands out from other styles.

Rustic: A Simple and Cozy Homestay Design Style

In recent years, the application of the Rustic style in homestays has become increasingly popular. Rustic primarily uses natural materials such as wood, straw, and bamboo, providing a unique experience. This design style brings a close connection with nature. When combined with beige and wooden brown tones, it creates a classic space that is both comfortable and well-equipped.

homestay design styles

Retro: A Unique Homestay Design Style

In contrast to Rustic, the Bohemian style, Retro attracts customers with its use of bright colors, abstract decorations, and a touch of vintage. Retro has its distinctive features, creating a unique, warm, and sweet space. The carefully chosen color palette enhances the classic beauty, making it stand out and attract guests to stay and enjoy the experience.

homestay design styles

To have a homestay that attracts customers, you need to consider the following issues:

Choose a Suitable Location for Homestay Design:

 To select a suitable location for building a homestay, factors such as topography, transportation, and minimal vulnerability to weather conditions such as wind, rain, storms, floods, landslides, etc., need to be taken into account. These are essential conditions to ensure safety for both the homeowner and guests. Additionally, the homestay should be situated in a secure area, easily accessible, and with stable network connectivity. Regardless of how beautiful your homestay is, if the location is difficult to reach, it will be challenging to attract customers.


Emphasize the Exterior Space:

 The homestay becomes immediately attractive when the exterior space is emphasized, refreshed, and has focal points. You can enhance the exterior space by:

   – Incorporating more greenery.

   – Investing in a garden.

   – Designing an outdoor bar.

   – Creating picturesque and unique check-in spots.

   These suggestions will help your homestay retain existing customers and attract new ones.

Change the Homestay Design Style:

Changing the homestay design style helps your business model reach a diverse range of tourists. Furthermore, the revenue and profit of the homestay come from customers, so every effort should be made to attract them. It’s not necessary to completely overhaul the homestay; you can make gradual changes to avoid unnecessary expenses. Alternatively, leverage items that can be applied in various styles.

Considerations When Designing a Homestay with Limited Space:

In today’s context, not only homestay owners are wondering how to optimize space for homestays with limited square footage. Here are some small tips you can refer to:

Choose a Suitable Homestay Design Style:

Homestays with limited space have constraints in terms of design styles. Avoid intricate design styles. Therefore, homestay owners must determine the design style from the beginning, tailored to each space, to achieve the highest aesthetic value.

Prioritize Essential Furniture:

Arrange the interior space of the homestay so that guests feel the most comfortable. Prioritize essential furniture such as beds, wardrobes, and hanging racks before moving on to decorative items. Maintain a consistent style from the exterior to the interior to enhance aesthetic value and save costs.


Utilize Outdoor Space:

For a homestay, utilize both indoor and outdoor spaces to increase activity space. Design an outdoor coffee area instead of placing it inside the house. This optimization not only maximizes space but also provides comfort, allowing guests to enjoy the open air, closeness to nature, and a relaxed atmosphere.


Homestay design styles are the creative and meticulous task that requires artistic flair and dedication. Only then can new homestay apartments become ideal relaxation spaces, providing mental relaxation and energy renewal for guests.

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