Interior design and interior decoration are two jobs that at first glance are quite similar. But actually, these are two different professions and can be said to be completely different. And in this article, HacSan will help you distinguish what is interior design and interior decoration.

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The role of interior design and interior decoration

Interior design work will often start from the beginning with the architecture to make the layout of the spaces in the most optimal way. The job of interior design is space planning, interior design, and renovation. Starting from the initial floor plan to placing the final trim.

Interior design

The role of the interior designer is to create an interior space with perfect function, comfort, safety, and efficiency, especially to bring a sense of comfort, suitable for the owner.

Interior decoration is a step at a later stage of the construction process. The job of interior decoration is to create aesthetics, beauty, and attractiveness for the viewer, especially the occupants of the building.

A professional interior decorator will help you change colors and furniture so that you can love your living space.

Expertise in interior design and interior decoration

  • The expertise of the interior design industry consists of two elements: art and science and technology. These are two very important and indispensable factors. Because in addition to bringing aesthetics to the building, designers need to be knowledgeable about the structure of the building to come up with the best solutions,…
  • The interior decoration industry mainly focuses on the aesthetics of the building. You just need to have an aesthetic eye and keep up with the trends of the times to be able to do interior decoration

Range of interior design and interior decoration

Interior decoration

For interior decoration, you can decorate the entire space from the paint, floor, or even items such as beds, cabinets, tables, carpets, etc., you can even switch to consulting products. decorative products such as plants, flowers, pictures,…

And the scope of activities of the furniture industry is mainly residential spaces. Sometimes there are exceptions for the decoration of restaurants, fashion shops, etc., but not many.

Interior design

For interior design, it will be the work of most living spaces: offices, houses, commercial centers, schools, restaurants, spas, etc,…

Interior design

Different from interior decoration, interior designers need to have creative thinking and design a complete space with 3 main items:

  • Basic interior system: ceiling, wall, floor
  • Furniture system: cabinets, tables, chairs, beds
  • Lighting, electrical equipment, water system: design electric light system, decorative light, water system, air conditioner,…

Specific work of interior design and interior decoration

Interior design

Interior design is that you have to create a perfect space in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

The job of interior design is to go from planning drawings to detailing the furniture inside. If the homeowner wants to change the internal structure such as floor, wall, or ceiling or change the function of adding or reducing windows and aisles, the interior designer will offer the best solution for the homeowner.

The interior designer will plan important structural changes and make them better.

Interior design

Interior decoration

For Interior decoration, you just need to focus on the beauty of the space inside the building. If it’s your project, you don’t need to change the necessary structures inside the building as well as just choose the paint color, wallpaper, lighting, accessories, etc., you can choose the interior decorators to perform.

Those who do interior decoration will know how to choose and combine the furniture together to synchronize and bring high aesthetics to the project.

Professional interior design unit

Currently, there are many interior design and construction units on the market. However, very few of them are professional units. Making it difficult to choose an interior design service provider.

If you need interior design and construction services. Please contact HacSan immediately, we have a team of professional staff, ready to support you all the way.

Interior design

When you come to HacSan you will get:

  • Clear working process
    • HacSan’s staffs have a good relationship from the design stage, style selection, and furniture selection to help the project have the style according to the customer’s requirements.
    • We have a strict working process, bringing the best efficiency for each stage to save time for customers.
  • Package design and construction unit from a – z
    • The first criterion that homeowners are subjective is the diversity of styles and designs of drawings so that customers have many choices for their projects.
    • HacSan has many design styles from European – Asian – Classical – Neoclassical – Modern – …. And the design projects are also diverse from houses, villas, villas to shops, restaurants, spas, bars, etc.
    • Moreover, HacSan also receives a package from design to construction. If you already have the design drawings, we also provide a separate construction service.
  • Having many years of experience in the design and construction of interior architectural works
    • Currently, HacSan has more than 6 years of experience in the field of design and construction of projects from small to large across the country.
    • We can determine what is the most suitable solution and are careful in every detail so that your project is both aesthetically pleasing and convenient and brings into full play all its functions..

HacSan builds a team of young and creative employees who are always enthusiastic and diligent in bringing you the best solutions for investors.

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