HacSan brings sophistication in the combination of science and art

Christina's VietnamArchitecture design is a delicate combination between art and science and technology. Your free space will be built to complete in a balanced way but still achieve aesthetic values.

Architecture design also brings harmony to the layout and installation of space between architecture and structure. Help you feel less bored by creating a new space that is colorful, creative, interesting and full of life.

There is also a harmonious combination of lighting, electricity, water supply and drainage, air conditioning, ventilation, etc., creating a high-class living environment, fully equipped and comfortable for the owner.

HacSan’s full package architecture design service

HacSan specializes in architectural design for projects from small to large, apartments, houses, offices, spas, shops, restaurants and bars with different styles from classic to modern.

Christina's Vietnam

Christina's Vietnam

Christina's Vietnam

Christina's Vietnam

We create a functional structure on the given free space and your ideas will be present on the exterior of the building.

HacSan also planned the basic structure of the building such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom, … to the garden according to each guest’s preferences and requirements.

                                • Consulting, designing ideas according to customer requirements
                                • Optimizing costs in accordance with the investor’s finances
                                • Warranty, maintenance, maintenance, after-sales mode

HacSan has many years of experience in interior design and the construction industry. We aim for a variety of styles, from classic to modern, from European to Asian, from simple to complex.

Please contact HacSan as soon as you have a need.

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