HacSan provides all construction services

Construction is a collection of elements together, using a common design and blueprint to create a building structure at a certain location.

If you want to build a building, you need a clear plan and drawings (structural design drawings, 3D, layout drawings, drawings, etc.) to know the specific location of implementation. as well as capture the necessary information.

Currently, there are 3 types of popular construction projects:

  • Housing projects
  • Public construction
  • Industrial type building

HacSan provides all construction services for projects from small to large. Consists of:

  • Construction and installation of equipment for new construction projects.
  • Repairing, renovating, relocating, renovating and restoring old works.

In addition, the construction team of HacSan also has the function of demolishing works and warranty and maintenance of construction works.

Hacsan’s construction service process

hacsan construction

hacsan construction

hacsan construction

hacsan construction

Step 1: Construction quote

Step 2: Construction contract

Step 3: Establish a project steering committee

Step 4: Organize the construction site

Step 5: Construction of foundation and underground works

Step 6: Construction of the body and roof

Step 7: Construction and completion of the work

Step 8: Construction of ME part (electricity and water system)

Step 9: Maintenance and warranty works

HacSan has many years of experience in interior design and the construction industry. We aim for a variety of styles, from classic to modern, from European to Asian, from simple to complex.

Please contact HacSan as soon as you have a need.

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