What is architecture interior? This is a question that many people are interested in right now. You will often hear about interior architecture going together. But actually, architecture and interior are two separate disciplines. To better understand as well as distinguish between architectural design and interior design. Please follow along with this article by HacSan.

What is architecture interior?

Architecture interior is a word that includes both the architectural space and the space of a building. As this is a broad concept, it will consist of the work of architectural design and interior design. You need to show creativity in solutions from architecture, and structure to the interior of the building’s space.

But in reality, architectural design and interior design are two different fields. Instead of spending time learning what is interior architecture? Please learn about each area such as architecture and interior.

Distinguish between architecture and interior

What is architectural design?

Architectural design is the work that needs to be done before the construction of any work. For Example houses, villas, restaurants, bars, apartments, commercial centers, etc. The architect’s job is to create, organize space, and create space shapes with complete structure, including electricity, water, lights, and ventilation, … on bare ground.

architecture interior

Architectural spaces are rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, etc. The architect’s job is to create architectural space through the design of walls, ceilings, floors, roofs, doors, skylights, etc. balconies,…

Each architectural space is expressed through shapes, so the work of architectural design can also be known as the art of organizing cubic spaces.

What is Interior Design?

Interior design is considered to be the creation of interior space inside the building: from color, light, and furniture to optimize space, bring comfort and meet the style that you need. desired guest. Bring aesthetics to the project.

kiến trúc nội thất

The interior designers will be responsible for the following items: ceiling, wall, floor, electric light, and lighting, … (decorative design, not construction).

Distinguish between architecture and interior

Architecture and interior design can go together, quite close to each other but not the same. You need to clearly distinguish these two fields to avoid confusion when looking for a design unit for the project. Or simply in orienting someone’s field of study.

architecture interior

Architecture is to turn empty land into a building that can cover the sun and rain but has not yet met the amenities inside.

Interior design is the soul of the building, creating vibrancy and comfort inside the building.

  • Same: Both of these disciplines require the application of knowledge of art and engineering. But in reality, the artistic and technical knowledge of these two disciplines are completely different…
  • Difference:




Combination of architectural shapes to form the shape of the wall, and a combination of arches, roofs, porches, doors, etc. Create blocks, and create layouts for items: beds, sofas, tables, cabinets, chairs … and walls, ceilings, and floors of the overall interior.

Layout, space planning

Design architectural space planning, divide the layout of spaces so that they are reasonable: living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, … Arrange the items of beds, cabinets, tables, and kitchen shelves, … with reasonable sizes to optimize convenience and comfort to ensure the best living work.


The color of roof tiles, corrugated iron, floor tiles,… The harmonious combination of interior colors inside the building. From lighting, and paint colors to walls, ceilings, floors, and hanging paintings,…

The light

Calculating the optimum of natural light, and natural wind blowing into the building. The lighting decoration of electric lights optimizes features and beauty.

Interior architecture is two branches of architecture and interior that complement each other to create the best living space for every project…

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