What is architecture? What is the nature of the work, requirements, and principles of architecture? These are the questions that Hac San has collected on the forums. To be able to answer these questions, let’s learn about the content below with Hac San! What is architecture? Architecture requirements and principles?

What is architecture?

You can understand that architecture is the arrangement and layout of space. This project is associated with the investor’s needs and preferences, giving ideas and implementing drawing content.

Architecture is an activity carried out in the building space with specialists to perform specific workloads. The architecture not only ensures the harmonious nature of the building but also brings a good feeling to the building space, living environment, living, and other amenities. The principles of work performance also need to ensure safety and ensure the aesthetics of the work.

What is architecture

The work of architecture will include external architecture, structure, electricity and water system, ventilation system, light, and other utility spaces to ensure the use of the building. This is also the reason that the current market for architecture services is very developed.

With the nature of creating a beautiful living space to meet the increasing life needs of people along with the latest fully integrated utilities. Create a comfortable living environment for all family members.

The nature of the work of architecture

The work of architecture not only requires a rich creative mind, and an aesthetic eye, but also an in-depth understanding of construction and science. These factors work together to create a professional, creative and competent team.

From there, we can see that architecture is a synthesis of art, engineering and science, and technology.

Architecture requirements


The job requirements of those trained in architecture are a well-trained knowledge of how to use functions, standards, and design standards. There is so when the new design ensures reasonable calculation.

  • Specifically:
  • How high and wide should each step be?
  • Should functional rooms such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc. be arranged?
  • When eating, how much space is needed to bring a sense of appetite?
  • How much light are you exposed to in the morning?
  • How will the color combination be harmonious?
  • …etc.

Technically safe and sustainable

Because of the safety during construction and use of the work, technical factors are very important, you must strictly comply with the technical criteria according to the construction regulations.

What is architecture

You must make the best choice for the homeowner:

  • The steel frame structure can withstand the workload
  • The water and electricity system must be installed so that it can bear the best load
  • Best water supply and drainage
  • Construction standards must be in line with the homeowner’s finances.

All construction criteria need to be calculated scientifically to bring the best quality for the project. Along with that, the general values ​​of the project are also guaranteed most effectively.

Aesthetic value

Aesthetic value is an important and indispensable factor after technical function and safety. Because this is the element that shows the preferences and personality of the owner.

What is architecture

Homeowners can ask the architect to design in any style they want. For example modern, classic or neoclassical style. But must ensure important criteria such as function and technique.


Although the design works are executed at the request of the investor, the drawings must be made by the investor’s economy. The design must match the demand, the reasonableness with the best quality but within the financial ability.

Investment cost savings

Currently, many people still think that the cost of paying for an architectural drawing is not necessary. This is a wrong thought. Because the cost for a set of blueprints does not account for 3% of the total construction cost of a project. But it brings many practical benefits.

What is architecture

Based on the design file, you can accurately estimate the cost to use, not only that, but you can also request to change the details of the drawing to best suit you. In addition, when there is a drawing, the construction process will be carried out smoothly when calculated in advance, the materials are also searched in advance, just need to start implemented.

Bring social value

Each new architectural work, when completed, will bring a new beauty, reflecting the development and civilization of society in each historical and development period. There are many architectures built with the meaning of time, durability, and sustainable structures that bring high social value.

Architecture principles

Balance law

In residential architecture, the balance law here is understood as the symmetry of architecture or interior. The balance between the elements that make up the interior space with the calculation and implementation is correct on the overall drawing as well as best shown in a specific space.

What is architecture

Obeying the balance law will give you a harmonious arrangement and easy implementation. For the homeowner, each project we have will have a different implementation. As long as that implementation still has to ensure the functionality of the project.

Laws and rhythms

Compliance with the laws of rhythm also plays an important role in architecture. When designing, you must make sure to choose materials that can seamlessly flow between spaces.

What is architecture

With the law of rhythm, you can create a “flow” harmoniously, embellish the work and have a connection with each other. So that we can read the ideas in the design and aim to meet the needs of each space.

For a non-residential space, creating a harmonious and interconnected space will bring a sense of cohesion and unity. In each area, the space will be both aesthetic and functional.


In works of art, the highlight is the point that makes the work stand out and attractive. In architectural works, too, the main highlight is the effect to attract people’s eyes to a certain space. You can create accents by decorating on a wall, or by mixing colors and decorating in a lively way.

You can arrange the furniture to create an emphasis, and highlight the features of color, shape, and proportion, thereby reflecting the personality of the owner.

Harmony law

What is architecture

The law of harmony in architecture is the connection between different elements to create a harmonious whole. This harmony will be created from shapes, materials, small details, designs, arrangements, etc. The harmonious arrangement will create attraction for the work.

Architecture’s job is to create a project’s continuity at the investor’s request. You can contact us if you are looking for an architectural and interior design unit.

In this article, we also explain to you what is architecture. What is the nature of the work, requirements, and principles of architecture? Hope to bring you the most useful information.

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