Have you ever thought about the difference between design styles? And how to distinguish interior design styles.

If you are looking to learn about the most popular interior design styles in 2022. Please refer to this article by Hacsan for more detailed information.

Modern style

Modern style was formed and recognized in the 20s of the twentieth century, marking the end of the classical design style. The modern style is known and loved to excel thanks to its ability to eliminate cumbersome details and asymmetry in interior architecture. As a result, the space is used to the maximum and enhances the function of the furniture in the building.

Using arrays, and blocks, arranging furniture in a simple and reasonable way will give you a more spacious space than the actual building space.

interior design style

interior design style

interior design style

interior design style

interior design style

You can refer to the modern style in Hac San’s projects. Currently, modern style is widely applied in buildings because of its convenience and aesthetics. And this style appears in most apartments, townhouses, villas restaurants, eateries, spas, etc. Depending on your needs, you can choose the right design unit. with me.

Currently, Hac San is also a unit providing design and construction services for interior architectural works with modern style. If you need interior design and architectural design services, you can contact us via hotline: 0906 835 187.

Minimalism style

Minimalism style began to appear during World War 2 and was made according to the principle of “Less is More” which has made waves in many fields not only in architecture but also in fashion, music, etc.

With the style of minimalism, you only need to use simple and sophisticated interior products to decorate the building, so the space in the building will be more airy and spacious and full of art.

Minimalism style

Minimalist style fits almost any space for comfort and sophistication.

interior design style

interior design style

interior design style

interior design style

interior design style

Classical style

The classical style belongs to the typical art school from the 17th to 19th centuries. The classical style stands out with its symmetry, decorated with high-quality materials, bringing attractive beauty to the eyes of the beholder.

High-class materials, noble colors, and delicate and sophisticated patterns show the ancient traditions of Europe.

classical style interior

The interior of the classic buildings will highlight the nobility, and nobility, exalt the status and show the sophistication and warmth of the house. To have a more intuitive view of the classic style as well as bring the most authentic experience, you can refer to some of Hac San’s projects.

interior design style

interior design style

interior design style

interior design style

interior design style

Neo Classical style

Since 1765, the neoclassical style has brought elegant and luxurious lines. That is why the furniture designed in this period was very popular and became a new wave.

neoclassical style interior

Neoclassical brings timeless elegance, suitable for almost any building. Until now, many customers of Hac San are applying this style to their works. Neoclassical style with luxurious, casual lines that is suitable for most types of construction from apartments to villas.

interior design style

interior design style

interior design style

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style comes from the Nordic interior style, based on the applicability of furniture, the simplicity and rusticity of this style bring a feeling of warmth and comfort to the family. owner.

The combination of aesthetics and interior use has created a special luxurious space for the project. You can identify this style with light features, large doors, and white painted walls to make use of all the light.

Scandinavian style interior

Scandinavian style uses furniture designed simply, in harmony with nature, and uses wood, bamboo, rattan, and fabric materials to help the work exude a cozy but no less luxurious feeling.

Contemporary style

Many of you will think that contemporary style and modern style are one or there is confusion between the two styles. But in reality, these two styles are completely different. You can identify contemporary design style by looking at the simple, sophisticated interior and clean lines.

contemporary style interior

Contemporary design mainly focuses on displaying space by using fresh, beautiful colors, shapes and furniture to decorate the building.

Currently, this style is widely used in buildings such as houses, shops, restaurants, etc. To get more detailed information about this style, you can contact Hac San via the website. or our hotline.

Hitech style

In the second half of the 20th century, the Hi-tech design style was born, taking its roots from industrial design. The hi-tech style is based on the popularity of sci-fi cinema and often appears in large-scale constructions. Or the projects have a small area but are being expanded.

Hitech style interior

Industrial style

This style was also conceived and developed at the beginning of the 20th century and was inspired by the materials of machinery, factories and other industrial structures. Industrial style often focuses only on stripped architectural details: brick, metal, and recycled materials.

Industrial style interior

In the 20th century, the trend of globalization widened, many businesses moved their factories to other countries. This leads to many industrial parks being left empty with infinite raw materials. That’s why the Industrial style was formed and made use of those materials.

Baroque style

The Baroque or Baroque design style has appeared since the 17th century with churches, villas, and restaurants. This style exalts luxury, splendor, and elegance but still carries the grandeur and elegance of the building.

Baroque style interior

You can recognize the Baroque style with the works designed in a discrete and purposeful manner. Light, color are used in a strong way or contrast with each other.

Mid-Century style

In the period 1940 – 1960, after the Second World War, the Mid-Century Modern style was formed and loved. And also known as the Modern style.

Mid-Century Modern style interior

Modern style shows clean lines, simple, practical, and no less luxurious. Materials used for furniture are plastic, acrylic, metal, plywood, Plexiglass, and Lucite.

You can rely on the classic sophistication, clean lines, and functional emphasis of the interior to identify this style.

Rustic style

Rustic style is described as natural, old, simple, and a bit dry design. You can identify the Rustic style by looking at materials that use a lot of wood and stone, canvas, and rough fabrics. And now there are also many styles that use the typical details of this style.

Rustic style interior

The core of the Rustic style is the use of many organic elements in their natural form. So you can use common, raw materials. Or use unprocessed smooth and polished wood to decorate the interior of the building.

Country style

The country style uses raw materials to decorate the ceiling and walls of the building. For furniture and interior items, you should use rudimentary, rustic, and simple items.

Country style interior

In today’s life, they all seem to use modern devices. If you want to show the country’s style, you should hide these devices through the way of installation and construction.


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