Are you looking for room divider living room and kitchen for your home? You are confused to choose the wall models. Don’t worry, in this article, let’s take a look at the partition wall model that is being loved and chosen by many people on the market today.

Glass room divider for living room and kitchen

Glass room divider with compact and flexible features should be preferred by many people for their homes. Most of the rooms using this partition have light tones and help the space become larger.

Not only that, glass room divider will help your home look a bit more modern, dynamic, and sophisticated. For glass partitions, you can place them fixed or mobile. Thanks to this flexible feature, glass room divider are chosen by many people.

Model of a glass room divider with a border

room divider

This partition model is fixed by rectangular frames, helping to increase the aesthetics of the space. This type of room divider not only makes the space to be separate and private but also ensures the overall connection of the room together.

Model of glass partition with plastic border, combined with storage cabinets

room divider

With glass room divider combined with wardrobes, you can use the cabinets to store things and divide the walls. This saves space as well as brings beauty to the house. The not-so-clear division between the living room and the kitchen will help the space become much more spacious, harmonious, and bright.

Model of glass partition combined with plastic border with the same tone as the house

room divider

If you use this pattern of partitions, your house will look more harmonious. Areas with the same color tone help your house to be synchronized and unified to create consistency for the whole house.

Use of transparent glass partitions

Transparent glass partitions will make your home space feel larger. Glass room divider without textures, transparent help add a luxurious part to the house.

room divider

Glass room divider are used quite commonly in constructions. You can find them anywhere. The type of glass partition not only enhances the aesthetics of the house but also eliminates the distance between the spaces in the house.

Natural wood living room and kitchen room divider

The biggest advantage of this type of partition is that it brings luxury and warmth to the house. Normally, natural wood room divider are mainly made from oak, Hinoki, Sapele, etc. With these types of wood, it will bring a feeling of solidity and certainty to your home.

A natural wooden room divider divides the frame for storage

room divider

This type of partition is quite popular in today’s families. With this room divider, people will design small frames of different sizes to store decorations. You can put decorative objects on the shelf to increase the aesthetics.

Room divider combined with TV cabinets

room divider

There are many families today that have used room divider in combination with TV cabinets because of the convenience it brings. Obviously, in addition to the frame for the TV, it still has small frames to help you have more space to decorate and bring more colors into the home space.

Wooden partitions combined with tables and chairs

room divider

This type of room divider is attached to the living room furniture set. Like other wooden walls, this type is also divided into small frames for you to decorate. You can decorate small vases of flowers, wine, or small plants to create a highlight for your home.

Movable wooden partitions

room divider

This is a fairly modern wall model because it can be moved, you can take advantage and often change the location of the room divider. Usually, this template is designed with many small grid squares. Help you make the most of the space in your home.

Room divider combined with traditional wooden cabinets

In houses with pure Vietnamese architecture, this type of room divider is often used. You can take advantage of this cabinet-shaped partition to place a TV and some other gadgets. This use not only brings aesthetics but also helps you save some costs.

room divider

The price of natural wood room divider is high, and the way of transportation and construction is also quite complicated, with high technical requirements. If you want to use this type of partition, think carefully before making a decision.

Industrial wood living room and kitchen room divider

Compared to natural wood room dividers, industrial wood room dividers have a much lower cost. Not only that, but industrial wood can also create many luxurious designs that are no different from real wood. Therefore, industrial wooden partitions are also very popular with customers.

In terms of quality and time of use, industrial wood room dividers are not as good as real wood, but in terms of design, they are not inferior. Here are some samples of industrial wooden partitions that you can refer to:

Model of partition combined with TV table

room divider

You can easily find this type of partition wall in today’s houses. This type of partition will be combined with the table and placed next to each other. This helps to make your home both aesthetically pleasing and uniform in design. Bring a very luxurious living space.

Room divider with subdivided frames

With this partition pattern, the small frames are divided into rectangular and square frames of different sizes. You can take advantage of small frames to redecorate the space between the living room and the kitchen.

Partition pattern with many unique motifs

room divider

When you use this type to divide the living room and kitchen, your house will look more luxurious. Because this is a type of partition that is quite sophisticated and modern. Usually, people will use white and wood grain to create a unique feature for industrial wood partitions.

Model of the vertical block partition wall

This partition pattern is quite simple, these are long blocks put together in a unique layout, you can take advantage of the layout of the partition to hang pictures or decorate on the partition.

room divider

However, this type has the disadvantage that the durability is not high, and not equal to other types of partitions, especially natural wood partitions. Not only that, but the ability to absorb water is also worse. Therefore, you need to think carefully before making a decision.

Solid block room divider

If you just take a look, the overall type of this partition will be very similar to the type of natural wood room divider. This type of partition is joined by wooden blocks together to look very solid. Usually, homeowners not only take advantage of this model as a partition for the living room and kitchen but also use it as a place to place a TV, and a shelf for storage.

Plastic living room and kitchen partitions

On the market today, models of plastic room dividers are also popular. The advantage of this type of partition is that it is beautiful, diverse in designs and colors, delicate, modern, and extremely compact.

Plastic room dividers have many patterns, including wood grain textures to help make your home luxurious at a much cheaper cost than natural wood or industrial wood. Here are some samples of the plastic living room and kitchen partitions that you can refer to:

A patterned room divider wall with outstanding motifs

room divider

Plastic room dividers have many designs with outstanding textures and diverse designs. The most popular patterns are circles, rectangles, diamond shapes, etc. For plastic partitions, you can request a texture design specifically for your home, so it will bring a unique look. unique, new for you.

Model of plastic partition with small motifs

room divider

In addition to outstanding patterns, plastic room divider are also designed with smaller patterns and denser arrangements. Usually, this partition model has a black border, the texture inside the background will be white.

Model of mobile mesh partition wall

Currently, many projects choose this partition model because of its water resistance, diverse designs, and high aesthetics, more importantly, it is quite convenient. With mesh-frame walls to help your home space become larger.

Solid cylindrical room divider model

At first glance, this model of cylindrical partition will look quite similar to a wooden partition. The cylindrical shape is glued together with many long cylinders, so this partition is very solid and suitable for houses with a large area.

Model of partition wall combining many materials

The type of partitions designed with many materials will make your home more unique and new. However, to use this type of partition requires harmony between the materials combined.

Industrial wood partitions combined with plastic

room divider

This is a model of the partition wall that is simple, easy to construct, compact, and flexible. This is a perfect choice to make your home look more modern and unique.

Model of plastic room divider with aluminum frame

This is a model of partition using plastic material to create impressive textures for the room divider. Aluminum material will be made for the outer frame to cover the room divider, helping to increase the sturdiness, elegance, and feasibility. Most importantly, this type of room divider is cheap.

Glass room divider and plastic frame

Glass partitions will make your home look more spacious, look airier. The outer plastic frame makes it easier to divide the layout, partly making the room divider more impressive.

If you want the space of the house to be both modern and classic, you can replace the plastic frame with a wooden frame. That way your home will look extremely impressive and unique.

The room divider is a combination of natural wood and plastic frame

Small and long natural wooden slats are put together. People use small plastic frames to combine to form small cells to increase the uniqueness of the partition. With this model of room divider, you will have more space to put items and decorative space, increasing aesthetics.

The combination of many materials together (2 to 3 materials) not only ensures the aesthetics of the work but also brings harmony. If too many materials (over 3) will make your house look messy and out of sync.

Models of movable screen partitions

The screen is known as a type of partition in ancient Chinese architecture. This type of room divider, not only brings high aesthetics but also brings traditional beauty to your home.

room divider

Here are some models of screens suitable for kitchen and living room divider that you can refer to:

  • Patterned partition wall pattern with alternating colors
  • The patterned partition wall pattern is divided and arranged
  • Model of wooden partitions
  • Screen pattern with many wings
  • Model of plastic movable room divider

Why should you use a room divider between the living room and the kitchen?

Enhance aesthetics

Currently, people are tending to find an alternative to the rough canvas in their home space, especially in the area between the living room and the kitchen. Since then, the designs of room divider have been focused on a lot with many different styles.

room divider living room and kitchen with many different materials, and different patterns, you can choose the type of partition that suits your home. As a result, your building will be more aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to that, the space becomes more modern and luxurious.

Create a separate space

In building architecture, each area, and each space has its function. Therefore, communication with each other in all positions is not good in some cases. Therefore, the use of room dividers to create separate spaces is extremely necessary. With each separate space, not only fulfills the role of each area but also brings high aesthetics to the house.

Create an open space for the house

In the current trend of housing construction, the demand for large and airy spaces while still ensuring the separation between rooms is increasing. Partitions are the device that solves that problem.

Using room divider helps to make the space of the house larger, but still ensures clarity between the areas. Not only that, but it is also a highlight to help your home stand out more.

Just now are the models of room dividers that Hacsan would like to introduce to you. You can consult and choose for your home.

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