Many investors now love the neoclassical style. Do you know why this style became so attractive? Let’s find out with HacSan in this article. Following the article, you will know how to design neoclassical furniture to suit the needs of each person.

History of Neoclassical style

neoclassical style

During the years of the 18th and 19th centuries, the Neo-Classical Interior style took shape, developed, and invaded entire European architecture. This style only focuses on simplicity, and balanced lines in the design. But this style still brings the elegance, elegance, and nobility of the Classical style.

What is Neoclassical Interior Design?

About form: Neoclassical emphasis on walls and light and dark coordination, maintaining the distinct identity of each part of the architecture.

neoclassical style

About details: Neoclassical architecture versus Rococo style. Prioritize simplicity but still maintain elegance.

About the recipe: Neoclassical if properly understood, is the development of some classical architectural features, Baroque architecture. It is suitable for many works to this day.

neoclassical style

Neoclassical is a style that briefly removes the fussy, cumbersome details and simply goes away with the patterns and textures of the Classical style. Usually, the colors of the Neoclassical will follow the direction of modern European architecture and suit all tastes of the homeowner.

Features of Neoclassical style in interior and architecture

4 distinctive elements: space, color, pattern – texture, and material are the elements that create the distinct characteristics of the Neoclassical style.

Luxury space

neoclassical style

The division of space according to each array follows the “golden ratio” rule to help the works be arranged in a delicate, harmonious, and artistic way. This is a prerequisite in interior design style.

Noble color

neoclassical style

Gray, black, moss, red, and dark colors are considered aristocratic colors of ancient kings. Besides, white, cream,… are also popular but not used much.

Textures – sophisticated patterns

neoclassical style

In Neoclassical design, motifs and patterns are emphasized, this is the factor that creates the lightness and softness of the building. Depending on the purpose of the project, there will be different textures and patterns, and careful and sophisticated care in each line.

High-quality material

neoclassical style

Materials commonly used in neoclassical architecture and interior design are Granite, wood, leather. These high-class materials are elaborately and meticulously crafted, making the building space shiny and luxurious.

The best tips for Neoclassical interior design

When designing Neoclassical furniture for a project, you need to combine all the spaces from the living room to the bathroom to make them harmonious. Here are some tips HacSan wants to give you.


neoclassical style

In neoclassical design, gray, green, blue, and light yellow tones are often accompanied by white and cream colors. But you can choose strong contrasting tones such as black, silver, and gold for accents. In general, you just need to coordinate the colors so that there is balance, bringing elegance.

Dress Windows

In Neoclassicism, large doors have strong architecture, so it is necessary to reduce this aspect to balance the appearance of the building. That is why curtains are used a lot. Curtains not only increase the coziness of the room, but they also help to show the magnificence of a neoclassical building.

neoclassical style

For curtains to show all their features, choose linen, velvet, silk, and rayon fabrics and hang them from floor to ceiling in large windows.

Include Neoclassical Décor

 Although the Neoclassical style provides a luxurious, aristocratic atmosphere, it is also quite limited in interior decoration. However, you can take advantage of Neoclassical interior design to balance the space by adding valuable pieces.

neoclassical style

You can use statues, vases, etc. to decorate the interior. However, when choosing furniture, you need to pay attention, so choose items that not only make the space stand out, but it is also valuable.

Neoclassical decorative motifs

The Neoclassical style is modestly decorated, so the textures and patterns on the walls, ceilings, and stairs are also simpler than the Classical style.

More architectural details

When you design a structure add some neoclassical features. The combination of high walls, large windows, columns, large space will create a perfect.

Use a big mirror

When you use big mirrors in architectural works, neoclassical interiors. Mirrors have the task of making the space feel larger, improving the symmetry of the building, but still being subtle and softening the link of neoclassical design.

Bring warmth

The building space will become much cozier when you use the rug under your feet. The carpet not only brings beauty, but it can also absorb sound and noise.

neoclassical style

Not only that, but the carpet also brings a luxurious, modern and cozy space to the building.

Scale amplification

One of the aspects that make up the beauty of the neoclassical style is its grandeur. So if your project is not large, you can use visual tools to increase the space.

neoclassical style

You can use a light color palette, combined with light floors, and vertical column furniture to make the space of the building more monumental.

Play with Symmetry

Symmetry is a characteristic of Neoclassicism and brings elegance, harmony, and high aesthetics.

neoclassical style

In addition to the symmetry from the outside architecture, the furniture such as paintings, ceramic vases, and potted plants also need the same design and are placed parallel to each other to create balance and elegance in the room.

In addition, sofa sets, table lamps or walls, pillars, and color schemes are arranged symmetrically and connected in a similar way.

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