The bathroom is a tiny space in a residential building. But the bathroom design is also very important because this is a place for family members to relax after each working day, especially for bathrooms with a small size of 4m2. In this article, Hac San will introduce you to beautiful, comfortable, and comfortable 4m2 bathroom designs suitable for every home.

4m2 bathroom models are narrow and horizontal

Horizontal narrow bathrooms often appear in tube houses with a small width. Therefore, it is necessary to take advantage of many corners to be able to design the bathroom, sometimes the bathroom is not balanced. Therefore, it is very difficult to design a bathroom with a horizontal narrow space.

Here are some 4m2 narrow horizontal bathroom samples that you can refer to:

Typical horizontal narrow bathroom model

Beautiful small, comfortable 4m2 bathroom design

For a narrow horizontal space, you can take advantage of its length to design a reasonable space. It is possible to arrange an outside washing area, inside a shower and toilet area. This is the way to help you maximize space.

Narrow bathroom with built-in cabinets

Beautiful small, comfortable 4m2 bathroom design

Usually, horizontal narrow bathrooms will make you feel cramped and there is no space for you to put things. With the combination of wall cabinets, in this case, you will have a place to store shower gel, shampoo, facial cleanser, etc. Bathroom space will be utilized to the fullest.

Horizontal narrow bathroom model combined with beautiful colored stone

To make the narrow horizontal bathroom appear larger, you can use white walls in combination with light-colored stones to create a sense of depth in the room.

Bathroom with skylight design

Beautiful small, comfortable 4m2 bathroom design

Using a skylight in a narrow horizontal bathroom is a unique idea. When there is a skylight, the bathroom space becomes brighter, increasing the height of the room. Bring you a more comfortable feeling. This bathroom model is also popular in the market.

Bathroom with ventilation door

Beautiful small, comfortable 4m2 bathroom design

You can use the ventilation door in this narrow horizontal bathroom to create ventilation. Can be combined with carpets with outstanding motifs, to increase the modernity of the room.

The bathroom has a large mirror

Beautiful small, comfortable 4m2 bathroom design

A bathroom with a large reflector will increase the depth of the room, making the bathroom feel larger.

Some other models for the horizontal narrow bathroom

  • Use yellow ceramic tiles for the bathroom
  • Painting and decorating the bathroom
  • Arrange green plants and small shelves in the bathroom

Bathroom model 4m2 square

For a small square 4m2 bathroom, how to design a room that is both beautiful and optimized for features. Here are some outstanding bathroom models that you can refer to.

Reasonable furniture arrangement

Beautiful small, comfortable 4m2 bathroom design

A square space will be enough space for you to design a bathroom that is both large and comfortable. Can push the washing area, toilet, and bathroom inside. In particular, the space will be more optimized when you use the wall cabinets.

Bathroom with dark colors

Beautiful small, comfortable 4m2 bathroom design

The deep colors will make the toothpick room much more luxurious. Deep color tones will make the bathroom dark, but you can rest assured that the bathroom is small in size with the use of an electric light system. Now your bathroom will be brighter and more luxurious than ever.

Decorate the bookshelf in the bathroom

Your bathroom will become much more luxurious and unique with the appearance of multi-tiered bookshelves and shelves. The spaces are designed in the form of blocks to help optimize the space.

Bathroom design with window

Beautiful small, comfortable 4m2 bathroom design

If your bathroom has more windows, it will help get the dark light, creating ventilation for the bathroom space. In addition to getting light, and creating ventilation, it also helps reduce odors, the air in the bathroom is always airy and clean.

Bathroom 4m2 with vertical glass

In the bathroom space of 4m2, the type of vertical glass bathroom is used quite a lot. It not only brings modernity, luxury, and space optimization. And it also gives the bathroom depth.

Standing glass bathroom

Beautiful small, comfortable 4m2 bathroom design

No matter how small your bathroom area is, a vertical glass shower room is a space saver. You will have more space to arrange other things.

Freestanding bathroom with depth

Beautiful small, comfortable 4m2 bathroom design

You can combine the design of a standing glass bathroom with an additional mirror. Mirrors placed in the bathroom will help diffuse light, increase the depth and give a feeling of ×2 space.

Dark color standing bathroom

Beautiful small, comfortable 4m2 bathroom design

With a standing glass bathroom, when choosing cold paint colors such as gray, or dark blue,… will reflect the light, and your bathroom space will be larger. If you use two opposing tones in the same space, it will highlight the room.

Bathroom with large window

Beautiful small, comfortable 4m2 bathroom design

The bathroom is vertical with a mirror separating the bathroom from the large window. However, with this model of the bathroom, you need to consider the reasonable layout to avoid the case that outsiders can see inside.

The bathroom uses light-colored tiles with a large size

With tight and narrow bathroom spaces, you should use light-colored tiles to increase the light in the room. This will make the bathroom feel more open. However, you should also limit the use of small-sized tiles, so it will reveal too many seams, causing unsightly.

Use white ceramic tiles

Beautiful small, comfortable 4m2 bathroom design

The items used in the bathroom are all bright, from wall tiles to carpets and sinks. The bathroom will become more harmonious when combined with wooden imitation tiles, both bright, clean, and luxurious. Adding a flower to the bathroom will make the room.

Use large floor tiles

Beautiful small, comfortable 4m2 bathroom design
In addition to choosing large-sized wall tiles, you should also choose large-sized floor tiles. This not only makes the room space cleaner but also creates a feeling of more open space.

Bathroom design with accent colors

Beautiful small, comfortable 4m2 bathroom design

In addition to using light-colored ceramic tiles, you can choose furniture with rough, rough materials or paintings with black eyebrows as accents. Or the shelves using black or colorful both create accents and increase harmony for the bathroom.

Beautiful bathroom design with large mirror

For projects with a small area such as a bathroom of 4m2, the mirror plays a very important role. In addition to the function used to illuminate, it also helps to increase the depth of the room.

Using parallel mirrors

There is a secret to helping your space become more open to using the art of parallel mirrors. Therefore, with a bathroom space of 4m2, you can use this type of mirror.

Use the mirror right at the sink

Beautiful small, comfortable 4m2 bathroom design

Placing a mirror right at the sink is indispensable, but instead of using a small mirror, you should use a large mirror. The effect it brings is extremely different.

At the same time, you should also put a large lamp next to it, this way helps to make the bathroom brighter.

Just now are some bathroom designs for projects with a small area. You can refer to it and apply it to your home.

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