You want to express your style in your living space. Choosing the right furniture is difficult, but arranging them in harmony with each other is even more difficult. Because if the furniture is top-notch but not in harmony, it also makes the overall space of space out of place. Here are impressive color schemes to make your living space more impressive and beautiful.

The impressive color scheme for your living space today.

Here are the interior color schemes for the space that you can refer to:

Complementary colos

A complementary color scheme is to use colors opposite each other on the color wheel. For this color scheme, you just need to choose 1 color you like as the main, then compare on the circle to get the color on the opposite side, you will get additional contrasting color.

For example, pairs of contrasting colors complement each other: red and green, purple – orange, blue – yellow, etc.

color combinations

The room space designed in this color scheme is often quite unique, highlighting the new features of the living space. However, when choosing the main color, you need to be careful and skillful in choosing the color so that the interior layout is not too mysterious and dry.

Analogous colors

This color scheme is quite popular in interior design and gives a high color effect. This is how to coordinate colors that stand next to each other on the color circle. For example yellow-orange, blue – blue, brown – orange,…

color combinations

When combining similar colors together, it will create a unique and highlight for the interior. You can apply this color scheme to the bedroom, relaxing corner to get quiet and gentle. Moreover, if you are a simple person who does not like to be fussy, this color scheme is quite suitable for you.

Monochromatic color

This is the simplest interior color scheme, the easiest. You just need to choose your favorite color, then mix the colors in different proportions to accentuate your interior space. With this monochromatic color scheme, it feels comfortable and does not cause eye pain.

color combinations

Color scheme according to the light and dark level of the space

You need to pay attention to the level of light and dark in the building space, the color scheme according to the light and dark levels will create a scientific space for the room.

With this style, you need to know how to change the color from light to dark to bring the best effect to your living space.

Principles of color scheme in interior design (60 – 30 – 10 rule)

What is the 60-30-10 rule?

The 60 – 30 – 10 rule is the middle rule in interior decoration, using 3 different colors to create a visual impression.

color combinations

Dominant color: this is the main color accounting for 60% of the overall space. Usually, the main color is often used for walls, walls and ceilings, etc.

Complementary color: this color accounts for 30% of the overall layout

The remaining 10% is an accent color, this color only takes up 10% but is the highlight of the entire space. Usually people will use warm colors to create vibrancy and highlights for the work.

Color balance in space

The color balance in the space can be changed by selecting the saturation for each color. The formula of saturation: 0.6Sd = 0.3Ss = 0.1Sa. In there:

  • S: corresponds to saturation
  • SD: main color
  • Ss: auxiliary color
  • Sa: accent color

Color saturation is usually calculated on a scale of 100 – 0 corresponding to the original color. From 0 is starting to add gray to 100 is completely gray.

When applying the color scheme to the interior design, for the main color you should add white, the auxiliary color, adding gray will create harmony in the space. Particularly the accent color is to make the space stand out, so you should leave the purest color palette.

Color harmony

To be able to create a beautiful room space, in addition to the 60-30-10 rule and color balance, you also need to pay attention to color harmony. You can apply the principles of color scheme: symmetry, triangle, square, … on the color circle.

Flexibility when using the 60 – 30 – 10 rule.

In practice, you do not always use the correct parameters of this principle. Because in many cases you can use more than 3 colors. Therefore, you just need to adjust the parameters accordingly and don’t be too different from each other.

The designs are color coordinated according to the 60 – 30 – 10 rule

Neoclassical style color scheme

Neoclassical style combined with gentle tones is a combination of metallic gold, beige, and milky white that will make the space much more luxurious.

The color scheme is not too special, but it is not monotonous and easy to apply in many different styles.

The youthful color scheme for the bedroom

With the desire to design a bedroom with a youthful style, you should take the gray tone as the main color to create a strong, adding contrasting pastel tone. At this time, your room will become youthful and trendy.

color combinations

Modern color scheme for living room and kitchen

For the living room, you can use gray, brown, and white to give a modern look. In particular, these colors are also very suitable for homeowners who love minimalism.

color combinations

Mint green, gray, and brown are 3 colors that are used a lot in the kitchen space. Contrary to the elegance of mint green, gray and brown highlight the kitchen, combining these 3 colors together.

Contrast color scheme

Interior space with contrasting colors will give a strong impression of beauty and elegance. You can use contrasting palettes on the color wheel.

Gentle pastel color scheme

It seems that the use of pastel colors never goes out of fashion. Pastel includes colors that are easy to apply in the interior, pleasant, and suitable for all spaces.

A bright color scheme brings elegance

Taking white as the main color, embellished with bright yellow tones will make the space extremely eye-catching. But when you combine black as a highlight, the overall space becomes extremely luxurious and equally bright.

Color combination to create cool

The interior space is designed with blue tones that will bring a cool and fresh feeling. Adding white will make the space more harmonious and modern.

color combinations

The space color scheme becomes cozy

To make the building space feel cozy, you should have a combination of warm colors such as earth pink, milky white, and black. Using gentle tones is usually very flattering and not annoying.

Notes when mixing colors in interior design.

Don’t skip the basics

What you need to keep in mind is that you need to first learn about each color and color scheme before arranging and decorating the interior. This process takes time to learn and research carefully when combining colors. To avoid buying a lot of furniture but not matching with each other.

And this is also the most basic thing that you should not ignore when conducting interior design.

color combinations

Pay attention to the light

Light is the main factor that determines whether the color of the building is beautiful or not. Therefore, homeowners need to determine the level of afternoon light entering the building space, and you should also find points about the brightness of each time of day to get the most suitable design.

color combinations

After determining the level of light shining into the space, the selection of furniture for the building also becomes easier. It is also easier for you to choose the right color tone for the space. If so, when completing the new space, it will be airy and not gloomy.

Matching neutral color scheme

Neutral colors are often very easy to coordinate in interior space, but how do mix to make the space stand out?

color combinations

In addition to the basic colors such as white, and black, you can add brown, beige, and chocolate brown to make a highlight for the project. Or you can mix warm colors with cool tones to bring the overall space to a neutral tone.

Or you can flexibly use your favorite colors in a harmonious way by the color scheme principles on the color wheel.

Limit color grading by gender

Until now, many people still believe that light, striking colors are only for women. The colors with blue and black tones are for men. This is considered a concept that is no longer relevant today. This is the aesthetic barrier.

color combinations

If you still do not dare to use your favorite colors, it is a mistake. You can design according to each space and choose the right color. And with each personality, there will be different design styles. You just need to use your favorite color flexibly, don’t be too concerned about gender.

Do not use too much white color

It seems that most people prefer to use white in interior design, especially for small apartments, white can help the space feel more open. But if you abuse too much white, it will bring cold and emptiness.


Instead of using only white, you can combine some other colors to highlight the space.

Do not use too many hot colors

Many investors prefer dark tones because this color is less likely to see stains or see scratches. This is also the reason why investors make mistakes when mixing colors.

color combinations

A space that has too many dark textures will make the building look gloomy. Not only affects the aesthetics but also affects the health of family members. Instead of using too many dark colors in the house space, please mix bright colors into the interior space.

Don’t use too many colors

The abuse of too many colors in the interior space is something that many families have been suffering from. When using too many colors will make the space become confusing and lose its aesthetics, not only that, but it also inhibits the viewer.

When using too many colors makes the space chaotic, when looking at us, it is difficult to distinguish what is the highlight of the work. At this time, the value of your furniture will be reduced more or less. If you are not an interior expert, you should follow the principles of the color scheme in the interior space.

Wrong color ratio

One of the most common mistakes is using the wrong color proportions in interior design. If you want to combine multiple colors, first you need to determine the main color tone, then mix more colors according to the color scheme principles to produce appropriate color palettes to ensure safety as well as create new colors to accentuate the room.

color combinations

Contrasting color combinations are not suitable

Although the combination of contrasting colors will make your work stand out and have accents. However, if you are not a person with good taste, then the contrasting color scheme is a big challenge. If you choose incorrectly, it will make the overall space out of place and give the space an uncomfortable feeling of being cramped.

Don’t always follow the trend

Applying what’s trending in interior design will help your work become new and popular. But in the long run, not all trends are trendy.

If you keep following the trend, this is not a wise decision. Instead of chasing after something, try to define a style that you love and combine it with fresh, interesting colors. But so your project not only has the look of the space you love but also can be used for a long time without fear of being outdated.

The color of the floor should not be ignored

Currently, there is a common situation that often appears in projects. It is the investors who are very interested in interior design but do not pay attention to the color of the floor.

color combinations

The floor also plays the role of the main color tone of the building. Therefore, when designing you should also pay attention to the color of the floor to know if that color is suitable or not.

In the above article, Hac San introduced to you the color schemes in interior space design as well as gave principles and notes when mixing colors. Hope this article will bring you the most useful information. Because, knowing the harmonious color scheme not only helps create accents for the project but also shows the personality of the investor, bringing a great living space.

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