If you need to find a unit with a unified and professional architecture and interior design process, save time. You can refer to this article by Hacsan, in this article Hacsan is divided into 3 parts: architectural design process, interior design process, and both architectural and interior design process. For each customer, Hacsan has a different way of working. Please follow the article to learn about our working process.

The architectural design process, exterior design documents

Architectural design is known to many people as the design of construction records, and exterior construction records of a house. The work will include an interior layout. Construction design documents will include: Architectural part, 3D perspective, and construction structure part.

Below is the process of architectural design, and exterior design:

Step 1: base plan

After receiving the customer’s ideas and preliminary requirements, Hacsan’s consulting team will give further advice to the customer and begin to draw up the basic plan for the customer’s reference. The base plan will include the premises at the request of the investor. This plan will be sent to the customer to review and receive feedback, customer feedback for editing. Normally, the number of revisions will not exceed 3 times to ensure the progress of the work.

Architecture and interior design process

You need to research carefully before making an adjustment request, the time to make the base plan can last 1-2 weeks depending on the volume of work. There are many large-volume projects, and the time to make the base plan may be longer.

Step 2: Make a 3D exterior perspective

Architecture and interior design process

Even the step of making 3D perspective will also be implemented like the step of making the ground, we will also send the customer the perspective version so that the customer can see all the images of the project after the construction is complete. Then get feedback and edit, the number of edits is not more than 3 times.

Step 3: Deploy the profile

After completing step 1, step 2 and the investor sent a notice to close the plan with the design and layout that Hacsan designed. We will put the plan into the application stage, the implementation time for this step is about 1 week. However, after finalizing the plan, the design file will not be modified, if the customer has a request for modification, it must notify the design unit soon. Each modification after closing will incur additional costs depending on the workload. Hacsan’s consultants will inform and provide additional support to customers in the process of editing records to bring customers the most complete set of documents.

Step 4: hand over

After the application is successfully deployed, the homeowner will be notified by Hacsan and choose a date to receive the application with contract payment. You can check records, and see the volume of records before payment.

Architecture and interior design process

You can pay for Hacsan by bank transfer or cash. And of course, you can request to receive documents by soft file or hard file. We will provide the file type you require, to create the most favorable conditions for you.

And these are also the 4 steps in the process of designing the complete architectural profile, also known as the exterior profile. Normally, it takes 15 days to complete such a dossier. If you are in urgent need of a set of exterior documents, please contact Hacsan immediately.

Interior design process

The process of designing the exterior and interior is quite similar, but the interior will have more interior construction. Therefore, in the design process, the initial steps will be the same, but later they will have different steps. Specifically, please refer to the 5 steps in the interior design process of Hacsan!

Step 1: make the interior plan, the basic plan

Architecture and interior design process

After Hacsan received the customer’s request with the advice of both parties and reached an agreement. Architects and interior designers will base on the requirements of customers to rearrange the interior. It will then be sent to the guest along with the required notes and plans. After receiving feedback, Hac San will adjust as required to come up with the most complete solution.

Step 2: 3D interior design

After completing the basic layout, Hac San will proceed to 3D design immediately, the time to 3D is about 3-5 days, and the longest is 1 week. However, if the volume of work is large, the time to 3D is also longer.

Architecture and interior design process

After completing the 3D interior version, Hac San will send it to guests to review and wait for feedback to adjust to best suit each homeowner’s needs.

Step 3: Make a quote for interior construction

After completing the 3D interior design, Hac San will deploy the dossier and consult the construction plan and quote. The quotation will clearly show the product specifications, quantity, and volume of finishing materials.

We present it clearly and in detail for you to easily visualize and compare.

Step 4: Make an interior construction contract

Hac San has a full range of exterior, interior, and construction design services. If the customer agrees with Hac San’s construction quote, we will carry out the handover procedure together with the interior construction contract, specifying the construction steps.

Step 5: Handover

After interior construction, Hac San will carry out the procedures to hand over the interior to the customer and liquidate the contract.

Architecture and interior design process

We see the similarities and differences between the two parts of architecture and interior design. However, interior design will be simpler than architectural design in the early stages, but from step 3 it is more extreme.

At each step of the progress, we are closely monitored and regularly update the progress for customers so that customers can understand the situation.

Architecture and interior design process

This is an architecture and interior design process, so the parts in this process will be more than the previous two processes.

An exterior and interior design portfolio will include:

  • The perspective of the building’s exterior
  • Exterior construction records include architecture, structure, electricity, and water
  • The perspective of interior design works
  • Interior construction records
  • Quotation for interior construction (if any)
  • Quotation for exterior construction (if any)

Architecture and interior design process:

Basic ground plan

The basic plan is the first step that we need to do when designing a building. We have to make the ground and design the external architecture first. Then you can make 3D designs for the exterior and interior. Or you can also wait for customers to respond, adjust the exterior and then make the interior.

Architecture and interior design process

Either way, it has its pros and cons. You can follow the route slowly but surely. The time to make the base ground is about 5-7 days and the maximum time for the ground is from 1-2 weeks.

3D floor plan

Architecture and interior design process

The time for this step can be from 1 to 3 weeks and the number of edits should not exceed 3 times. Do not change too many times to stick to the initial requirements of the customer.

Deploy architectural documents and make 3D interiors

As soon as the customer is satisfied with the modification of the exterior 3D, Hac San will start implementing the exterior profile and simultaneously on the interior 3D. And continue to send it to guests to review and edit.

Handover of architectural documents and interior 3D adjustment

In this step, we will do two things at the same time: hand over the exterior design file and 3D adjust the interior for the client’s project. After completing this step, we will move on to the next step.

Construction quotation (if any)

After the interior design is completed, if Hac San’s customers have construction needs, we will prepare a construction plan with a detailed price list so that customers can understand. In the quotation, there are not only the price list but also the types and specifications of interior finishing materials.

Handing over construction documents

If the interior construction documents have been completed, we will carry out the procedures to hand over the documents to the customer. The customer will pay the rest of the design contract, then Hac San will continue the construction contract for the customer.

Just now is the architecture and interior design process of Hac San in each case of the service that the customer wants. This is also considered a standard workflow that you can refer to.

If you have any questions or need advice, please contact Hac San.

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