For buildings such as single-story houses, townhouses, apartments, villas, or high-rise buildings to be used for their intended purposes and be suitable for the budget and requirements of the investors, design, and construction work is very important and must be emphasized from the beginning. You can understand that architectural design is the arrangement of space and the division of functions according to each intended use. In addition, the architectural design also includes other tasks such as electricity and water systems, structures, lighting, and cladding.

To create the best living space, fully equipped and comfortable for the investor and other family members, the architect requires a certain level of professional expertise, aesthetic taste, and creative thinking. In this article, Hac San will focus on architectural design so that you can grasp more information and understand more about the field of architecture in construction. Let’s follow the article together!

Understanding architectural design

You could understand that architectural design is a precise and meticulous task that involves arranging and organizing space in a building, including both interior and exterior design, the function of each area, electrical and water systems, and other related tasks, to bring the most comfortable living space for the homeowner.

Architectural design

Many people may think of architects with creative minds and high aesthetic tastes when hearing about architecture, but that is not enough. An architect must have knowledge and understanding of architectural principles. Generally speaking, it requires the coordination of art, aesthetics, and science.

Overview of the architecture industry

Architecture is not only an art field but also demands high technical skills. An architectural project is not just for viewing but also needs to ensure safety, practicality, and feasibility.

In summary, architecture is a field that provides us with wonderful spaces to serve work and human life with artistic value while still ensuring safety. Therefore, a project must be studied and designed in advance, which may take from 1 to 3 months.

The architecture industry is further divided into specific specialties such as:

  • Civil Engineer

Civil engineers focus more on the construction aspects of architecture, from calculations to technical aspects of buildings, and are concerned with practical applications. Therefore, they are often responsible for the sustainability of buildings over time, for example, ensuring that lighting and electrical systems function properly and that water systems are properly drained. Civil engineers do not focus on aesthetic considerations as much as other professionals.

  • Architectural design

Unlike civil engineers, architectural designers focus more on creativity, but new creations must also ensure the safety of the people living in the building.

Architectural design

  • Interior design

For interior design, designers focus on the use of light, materials, color, and design style to create a standout and comfortable architectural space for homeowners.

  • Landscape design

Landscape design is often designed for nature enthusiasts for outdoor spaces. Landscape design is closely related to other fields, such as agriculture, plant solutions, water treatment and drainage technology, and sculptural decoration of landscapes in a lively and prominent way.

  • Urban planning

This is a field that can control all buildings in an area or territory, so not only individual buildings must be beautiful, but the overall landscape must also be beautiful.

All buildings must meet criteria that do not interfere with each other, must be harmonious, and create a common ecosystem. We can say that urban planning is a field that includes all the above-mentioned disciplines.

Is it necessary to consult with an architectural design firm?

Before deciding to build any project, owners have many questions, especially whether to hire a firm for an architectural design consultation or not. Architectural firms bring many benefits and help reduce risks during the construction process. Depending on your needs, detailed drawings can be created.

Architectural design

Starting with creating a structural diagram, architects can help you shape your project more easily and save costs and manpower. All structures such as load-bearing, electrical, water, and ventilation systems are also carefully and safely calculated in detail, bringing convenience at the lowest cost.

Therefore, if you want to have an ideal, safe, and financially suitable project, do not hesitate to allocate a fee to hire an architectural design firm.

Important notes when choosing an architecture design service

Important notes to consider when choosing architectural design services:

Architectural design drawings

Architectural design services will provide a set of drawings that include architectural and interior design. It will consist of three main parts: electrical and plumbing, structure, and architecture.

For a house that meets all the desires of the homeowner, the design drawings must reflect those elements. Therefore, the architectural design company will clearly show the wishes of the homeowner on the drawings so that they have a more intuitive understanding of their project.

Architectural design

The more detailed the drawings, the more the speed and quality of the construction will be ensured, minimizing the risks that may arise during the construction process and eliminating any non-essential spaces or unwanted errors. From there, you can save on the best construction cost.

Feng shui factor

In architecture, especially in residential buildings, feng shui is very important for the wealth, health, and career of the homeowner. When designing, architects usually gather information about the homeowner’s year of birth, hometown, and usage needs to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional project while also meeting feng shui requirements.

The difference between architectural design and interior design

Architecture and interior design can transform an open space into a building, a house that can shelter from sun and rain, and provide enough rooms and space to meet the needs of homeowners.

However, if a building only has architectural design without interior design, it only serves as a shelter without any functions or amenities for daily life.

Architecture creates the form, while interior design creates the soul. The perfect combination of the two is crucial for any construction.

Although architecture and interior design are both essential and closely related to each other, they still have some distinct differences. Below are the differences between interior design and architecture:

Knowledge Architecture Interior
Form Combining knowledge of geometric shapes allows the creation of the shape of walls combined with roofs, doors, arches, and verandas…thereby increasing the artistic value. Help create the layout of beds, desks, chairs, cabinets, shelves, and overall interior space decoration layout of a house.
Color Color of wall paint, roof tiles, ceramic tiles… Color is the combination of interior space: cabinets, kitchen, bed, shelves…
Light Calculating natural light entering the space of a house. Optimize and arrange the decorative lighting of the house in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.
Composition, spatial planning Designing the floor plan, arranging and dividing the spaces, and rooms in a reasonable manner: identifying the living room, bathroom, kitchen, windows, etc.… Optimizing essential furniture items in the house to ensure the desired layout is achieved by the homeowner.

The top most beautiful architecture and interior design models of 2023

Hacsan Architecture & Interior presents to you the TOP most beautiful and luxurious architectural and interior design models. These are also the images of real projects that our team of architects has accomplished.


My Mother restaurant

Project: My Mother restaurant


ngot ca phe

Project: NGOT CA PHE


Chickita HTM restaurant

Project: Chickita HTM restaurant

What does Hacsan Architecture & Interior bring to you?

The process of architectural design and construction at Hacsan

Architectural design is the combination of aesthetics and function to create the most optimal solution for the client. Therefore, in the design process, the implementing unit needs to follow the correct process and have a system in place. Here is the process that Hacsan follows when working with clients:

  • Step 1: Consultation on architectural form and style

Depending on the project’s conditions, size, shape, location, and the client’s preferences, Hacsan will advise on suitable solutions and styles for clients to choose and decide upon.

  • Step 2: Design quotation

After the client has approved and chosen the desired design style, Hacsan will provide a detailed design quotation based on factors such as design, construction, scale, and complexity of the project.

  • Step 3: Preliminary design concept

To understand the client’s desires and other related factors of the project, Hacsan will create a preliminary design concept for clients to see and refer to.

  • Step 4: Development of construction drawings

After the client is satisfied with the design concept, Hacsan’s architects will develop construction drawings, quantify the volume of work, and prepare for construction.

  • Step 5: Construction

Hacsan’s team of engineers and construction workers will carry out the project according to the developed construction drawings. The construction supervisor will ensure the construction progress, quality of the work, and other related factors during the project.

  • Step 6: Handover

After completing the construction, Hacsan will continue to monitor and maintain the related items for some time, and then hand over everything to the client for management. If any issues arise, Hacsan will support them within their capacity.

Distinctive services

  • Architectural consultation and design
  • Interior design consultation and design
  • Construction services

Why choose Hacsan Architecture & Interior for architectural design and construction?

Architectural design not only requires aesthetics but also demands technicality. Because construction is not only for admiration but also has to ensure safety for users, it must be usable and highly feasible.

Hac San is an architectural and interior design company with a team of professional employees, architects, engineers, and interior designers who are trained at specialized universities in architecture in Ho Chi Minh City and nationwide. With a young team full of passion, enthusiasm, dedication, and high learning ability, Hac San can quickly meet the requirements, desires, and ideas of customers to provide the most suitable design.

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